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Town development

Today, the nature of shopping streets is changing, and along with new grassroots cultural activities such as art galleries, theaters, and craft beer, the interest of towns where culture and shopping streets come together is increasing. .

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, town development using manga became more active in the central city area around the Ishinomaki shopping district, and several art spaces were created in the wake of regional art festivals. The situation in which these creators are active and the various stakeholders of the shopping district collaborate in various ways, increasing the possibility of urban development that integrates culture and shopping districts like never before.

In addition to the economic activities of shops, the city is also a place where art and cultural activities are born, and collaboration between shopping streets is seen, and with a view to reviving Ishinomaki as a center of culture, various urban development projects are being carried out at the same time. , We will transmit the new culture that is sprouting on this site.

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