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theater kinematica

A theater + cafe that inherits the culture of the last movie theater in Ishinomaki

A theater-type entertainment facility that renovated an empty store with DIY.

A public house that can be used for events, etc., with a cafe function as well as movies and plays.



Representative, Ishinomaki Theater Arts Association

Ryuta Yaguchi

Born in Kazuma, Ishinomaki City. Born January 21, 1983. During his travels, he went to Ishinomaki High School and was a student at Waseda University. After graduating, worked as an assistant director at a video production company, and since 2007 has worked as a scriptwriter and director at Wilchinson Theater Company. In April 2012, he started the theater and music project “R” in Ishinomaki City. In January 2017, he made a U-turn to the city, and until March 2020, he served as the representative of the Ishinomaki Theater Festival Executive Committee. After that, the Ishinomaki Theater Arts Association was formed by members who have been involved in theater, film, and music. From July 2021, the “Theater Kinematica” project will be launched to renovate an empty house in Chuo 1-chome, which was once called Bunka-dori, and create a complex entertainment facility where you can enjoy movies and plays.

Deputy Representative, Ishinomaki Theater Arts Association

Takuro Abe

Born in Tsukiura, Ishinomaki City. After studying at Ogihama Elementary School, Ogihama Junior High School, Ishinomaki Nishi High School, and graduating from the Department of Psychology at Shokei Gakuin University, he moved to Tokyo. U-turn after the Great East Japan Earthquake. After that, together with his friends, he formed the Ishinomaki Theater Performance Association, which plans, produces, and produces movies and plays. Started in 2019, members who have been involved in theater, film, and music activities in and outside the city, such as "R", Ishinomaki Theater Festival, and Mahoroba THEATER. Aiming to revitalize the theater culture, solve problems, and create excitement, the team aims to revive the theater culture that originally existed in the city, plan and produce movies and plays in a fun way, and lower the barriers to entry. active as

Facility information


1-3-12 Ishinomaki Chuo

Regular holiday / business hours

Cafe Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_11:00-17:00

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